Jess Kent Demonstrates Her Musical Versatility in a Dance-Inducing Double Release


Photo: Bart Celestino

They say if you are able to do one thing, stick to it and do it well. Well, Jess Kent may just be an exception to the rule, as her recent double release brilliantly showcases this rising star's wide breadth of versatility. The England-born, Australia-raised self-taught singer and songwriter originally made a splash with her debut EP, My Name is Jess Kent, which featured the breakout hit "Get Down." Her latest double release marks her first new music since her debut EP, and they're a veritable treasure trove of sonic delight that is just waiting to be explored.

Sonically, "Bass Bumps" introduces us to Kent as an artist capable of carrying an effervescent flow that seamlessly dances atop production that well, bumps. It's almost too fitting given her Australian and English roots, considering the two areas' recent trend of delivering cutting-edge electronic music. Then a second later, Kent links up with Los Angeles-based pop-rap artist Wes Period for "No Love Songs." It's a wholly vulnerable yet playful listening experience that meshes together R&B and downtempo electronica to wonderful effect. Kent spoke further on the two new tracks, 

"'Bass Bumps' is an homage to Sydney and the raves where me and my friends used to party. In the period of time when I was cutting my teeth as a writer and producer, the electronic scene there was vibrant, eclectic, exciting and full of fresh talent. I'm so grateful for that time. 'No Love Songs' came about because I'd been very deliberate in having a broad and bold approach to what I was writing about on the record. Part of that was making sure I was being completely honest about what I wanted to write about. This particular day, I actually felt like writing a love song! So I thought, 'I won't be snob- why not?!'" 

"Bass Bumps" and "No Love Songs" couldn't exist at further ends of the dance-inducing spectrum. In the former, you have an electrifying dance-pop track that sounds like it was carved out from the streets of South London or Sydney's rave scene. While in "No Love Songs," we bear witness to a relaxed, downtempo Kent who is absolutely mesmerizing and endearing. Taken together, it's a testament to the promise of Kent as an artist. No matter what genre she may find herself in, she's bound to shine.

Listen to "Bass Bumps" and "No Love Songs" below: