Jessie Reyez Reflects On ‘Being Human In Public’ In New EP & Tour


Photo: Rachel Kaplan

Toronto singer-songwriter Jessie Reyez released her sophomore EP Being Human In Public on Oct. 19. The unique songstress delivers an intimate sequence of tracks as she leads you through personal memories that evoke senses of gratitude, loss, heartbreak, persistence, and freedom.

Opening the EP with "Saint Nobody," Reyez iterates how she is a hard worker with lulling production that compliments her professions of worth and interpersonal drive. If anyone will bet on her, it's going to be herself. Moving into "Apple Juice," this piece is driven by the laid back beat and neo-soul flare which utilizes her distinctive vocal timbre. Reyez pleads to be loved correctly, but can't seem to get the other person to level up. Flowing into the Spanish-language tune "Sola," the acoustic guitar-centered tune is a tribute to the Colombian singer's roots. The song is very confessional as she remarks  thatshe can't be the woman you'd like her to be, singing, "No soy ese tipo de mujer," meaning she is "not that type of woman."

The fun tune "F*** Being Friends" is her proposition to be more than the cliché. Reyez receives genuine love, but the other person is too scared to take that next step. The track "Dear Yessie" is "the realest" Reyez has ever been. Proclaiming she's "got an ego," but never shows it, and asks for you to see all her "demons and strip all [her] skeletons," this track carries a hip-hop rhythm that amplifies her dynamic lyric style. "Imported" is straightforward, as Reyez introduces herself with, "Hi, my name is Doesn't Matter. I like making bad decisions." Featuring JRM, they are both presenting themselves as broken hearted individuals trying to fill their empty souls with some lousy lay. Ending with "Body Count" featuring Normani and Kehlani, the song reclaims personal freedom and advocates love for whomever they'd like.

Being Human In Public is a recount of personal adversities and preferences that make "being a human in public" so difficult. Fronted on the daily by judgements and opinions, Jessie Reyez is giving listeners a glimpse of how much it can cost you to try and be normal, so just be you at the end of the day.

Kicking off her tour on Oct. 11, Jessie Reyez is currently hitting the road across North America. Be sure to snag your tickets and see her perform at a city near you.