Jez Dior and Jackson Guthy Explore a Side That “Nobody Knows”


A mold-breaker and genre-bender, Jez Dior hones his own blend of hip-hop with a rock appetite in his latest single. Taking inspiration from artists like Eminem, Nirvana, Kanye West, and The Doors, in addition to growing up in a musical family, inspiration and influence were abundant in every aspect of Dior’s musical upbringing. "Nobody Knows" showcases a variety of musical influences blended together in a style that is all Dior's.

Based in Los Angeles, Dior works relentlessly to create an impact with every project he creates, as he constantly pushes genre limits to construct his own distinctive brand of grunge rap. "Nobody Knows" has a more upbeat tone than his previous singles. Guthy's affecting voice lifts the song and creates a jovial dichotomy between him and Dior. The buoyant and cheeky outlook that permeates the track is flat-out infectious, carrying the perfect amount of soul-bearing and carefreeness.

Son to punk rock guitar icon, Steve Dior, it is no wonder Dior has the musical influences he does. With music already woven in your DNA, finding your footing still can be tough. Dior's solace came from mixing his modern day music aspirations with those of his past. Quickly garnering attention from Complex, Nylon, Billboard, Hypebeast, and Time Magazine, just to name a few, his underground hits have amassed him a wide audience and tens of millions of combined streams on Spotify.

Dior is shaping up to be one of the most exciting voices in music, and with the release of "Nobody Knows," it's easy to see why. Dior's lively spirit is palpable throughout "Nobody Knows," and his signature smooth and laid-back flow is the icing on this delectable sonic cake.

Listen to "Nobody Knows" below: