JHart Soars from Songwriter to the Spotlight with Debut Single, “Put It to Bed”


What on earth has James Abrahart been doing behind the scenes for seven years? Known by the moniker, JHart, the up-and-coming solo artist made a name for himself writing songs and producing songs for some of the biggest names in music, including Justin Bieber, Keith Urban, Usher, Rita Ora and Camila Cabello. One of his first features as a solo artist was on a Kygo's, "Permanent," which broke into the Top 50 on Billboard's Dance/Electronic Chart and ultimately resulted in the opportunity to perform at Coachella. Abrahart was a Grammy Award - nominated, multi-platinum selling songwriter and producer before he even embarked on his solo career, a career shift that is promising to say the least. We've seen the transition from songwriter to solo artist before with performers like Sia and Julia Michaels, and it's always hard to believe how much talent is hidden inside the privacy of recording studios. Abrahart is yet another example of a songwriter whose time is better spent in the spotlight.

JHart's debut single, "Put It To Bed" details a passionate and tumultuous relationship finally reaching a point of exhaustion. The track begins with a dramatic string section, which abruptly drops into a simple simmering guitar. He promptly graces the instrumentals with his explosively emotive vocals, singing with the expertise that only comes from nearly a decade of professional training. His voice is truly remarkable, on par with leaders in the genre like Charlie Puth and Shawn Mendes. Though you've got to listen for yourself to hear the nuances that set him apart. His falsetto evokes a wave of emotion, and his phrasing is spot on throughout the song. While the subject matter is tense, JHart searches for a resolution in the chorus, singing, "Standin' in separate corners, takin' our time with the torture. Why can't we put it to bed? Let me get close to you, the way I'm supposed to do."


"Put It To Bed" is a sneak peak of his larger project, Vol 1 - Songs From Therapy, which is set to be released later this year. The inspiration for the project actually came after JHart listened back to personal recordings of his therapy sessions. He explains,

"When I started going to therapy, I noticed a change in my ability to be present creatively, so after a few months I pitched my therapist the idea of recording our sessions with the goal of writing my record and he agreed to it. Therapy also helped me get over a fear of performing that stopped me from pursuing an artist project for most of my adult life."

We should take a moment to appreciate that therapist for encouraging JHart to pursue a solo career, because it is bound to result in some absolutely stunning music. Stay tuned for more from JHart, and if you're currently dealing with some relationship drama, consider putting it to bed.

Listen to "Put It to Bed" below: