Joji Announces Debut Album With the Macabre & Beautiful Ballad, “SLOW DANCING IN THE DARK”


Who is Joji? He is seemingly a master of all things relating to the present and future. Finding his start as a YouTube personality, recent years have seen the multidisciplinary visionary shift his lens towards crafting creative works of sonic and visual art. His latest sees him venturing into the realm of the infamous slow ballad and announcing his debut album BALLADS 1, due out via 88rising.

"SLOW DANCING IN THE DARK" is by no means your typical piano-led ballad. It may contain all the easily recognizable delicate flourishes of a ballad, but it is uniquely Joji. The mesmerizing juxtaposition between the gentle key presses that are evocative of a partially-remembered lullaby and the pulsating electronic production feels like something only this visionary artist could accomplish. Accompanied by a music video from Jared-Hogan, Joji's "SLOW DANCING IN THE DARK" plays on the well-established tropes of the slow-burning ballad on both a sonic and visual level. It turns the undulating number into a macabre fairytale.


Scored by a deluge of throbbing production, a stricken Joji treks across poorly-illuminated streets. Typical fare for a heart-piercing track, but in typical Joji fashion, the intensity, twisted, and exquisite nature of it all is cranked up a hundred-fold. Transformed into a faun, the mythological creature of Greek legend, Joji is quite literally pierced in the heart, albeit by way of the back as he slowly makes his way to his inevitable demise. As ghastly as it may sound, there is a hauntingly beautiful element to the entire affair.

Joji will be on tour with the rest of 88rising this fall, including the inaugural Head In The Clouds Music & Arts Festival at Los Angeles State Historic Park on Sept. 22.

Watch the video for "SLOW DANCING IN THE DARK" below: