Jorja Smith and Preditah Elevate One Another to Newfound Heights in “On My Mind”

There are those rare and infectious tracks that you simply lose yourself in–as if riding the perfect sonic wave, it's transcendent and over before you know it. Backed by production from UK grime producer Preditah, Jorja Smith has created one of those very rare tracks.

"On My Mind" is a stunning work of electronic music as an art form. From its production to its vocals, it exemplifies two of the most interesting voices in the UK from seemingly disparate genres. Opening on Smith's chopped vocals, panned from left and right in rapid succession, Preditah creates a sense of a glitchy hyperrealism that is matched in full-force by Smith. Not one to lose herself behind production, Smith supplies a soulful dose of vivacious vocals to match Preditah's own active garage style beats. This is a match made in heaven.

The true brilliance behind "On My Mind" lies in how Preditah and Smith draw out the most from one another, elevating the pair to newfound heights. Smith floats along Preditah's futuristic dreamscape with a careful and playful sense of abandon, giving the track a soaring carefree spirit. Meanwhile, Preditah is busy at work, shifting between adding touches of Smith's own chopped vocals to create an artificial backup vocalist and diminishing the production to create noticeable moments of sparseness. The final fruition of this cooperative labor are unparalleled moments where Smith's vocals ascend to inhabit the space fully uninhibited, while simultaneously making one realize how grateful they are to hear the surge and return of Preditah's mesmerizing production.

You can catch Jorja Smith yourself tonight, Aug. 28, at The Constellation Room in Santa Ana or Aug. 29 at the El Rey Theatre in Los Angeles. 

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