Jorja Smith Enters the Realm of High Art With “On Your Own” Video


English R&B artist Jorja Smith has had a much-deserved breakout past year. From the release of her critically-acclaimed debut album Lost & Found, an appearance on Drake's More Life mixtape, to an upcoming fall tour, the future is certainly looking bright for this visionary artist. Her music video for "On Your Own" sees the English R&B artist doing perhaps what she does best, bringing artistic traditions of the past into the present.  

Opening not on "On Your Own," but on a segment of diegetic sound wherein we can faintly hear Smith's title track "Lost & Found" played through headphones, the opening sequence is akin to the beginning of a film. Because in many ways the video for "On Your Own" could be championed as such. Directed by Rashid Babiker, who previously worked with Smith on the video for "Teenage Fantasy," "On Your Own" plays out from the perspective of an adoring fan immersed in the mesmerizing world of Smith.

As our unnamed lead flips through a quite literal moving picture book, we are taken on an enthralling journey through varying artistic reinterpretations of the English R&B artist. The attention to detail is stunning. From the inside cover indicating that it's a library book that has been lent out a fair amount of times, to the accurate content table that hints at what is to come, to every faithful artistic reimagining, there is something to pore over in every frame. "On Your Own" challenges what a music video can be. It enters the realm of the high art it is emulating.    

Watch the video for "On Your Own" below:

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