Jorja Smith Releases Empowering “Beautiful Little Fools” Video For International Women’s Day


UK songstress Jorja Smith confronts the condescending notion that ideal women are "Beautiful Little Fools" in her newest single and accompanying video. 

Released today in celebration of International Women's Day, Smith embodies three Great Gatsby-esque female roles in the video: the chanteuse, the glitzy bar patron, and the waitress. Shot in London's glamorous Rivoli Ballroom, Smith calls to question the "beautiful little Hollywood perception" that each of the characters she plays are expected to adhere to. In the spirit of IWD, Smith's intersectional visual captures her message: there are more fulfilling roles for women to fill than the light and bright archetype. 

Smith told Vevo that she wrote the gorgeous neo-soul ballad when she was only 16. She elaborates, "It's a very special song to me as I wrote it to help myself. To assure myself that all I have to do is be myself. I feel as young girls grow up they're slightly tainted by what the media says is 'beautiful' and I feel like my song can be a little help to them. We are all beautiful in our own individual and special ways." 

 Watch the video for “Beautiful Little Fools” below.