Josiah and the Bonnevilles’ Video for “Lie With Me” is a Soulful Display of Raw Emotion


Josiah Leming, the sole remaining member of Josiah and the Bonnevilles, gives us a hopeful kind of wisdom through his heavenly indie twang. The Tennessee native's music bounces around between an innovative blend of an alt-country, folky, sound that Leming wraps up with his own signature touch. Released earlier this year in anticipation of his latest album On Trial, "Lie With Me" is an emotive longing, a confession of faults, and a desire for a different time. His gentle and lighthearted approach to that familiar aching is what makes the song such a beautiful display of vulnerability and honesty. The newly released music video manages to capture that rare cohesion of experiential poise and carefree innocence that Leming has mastered and translated into his music.

The video opens with Leming entering a white room, a panel of windows lining one wall, and a guitar propped against a lone stool centered in the middle. Dressed simply in a white t-shirt and dark jeans, he immediately picks up his guitar, kicks the stool over, and passionately dives into the track, singing "I'm sorry I sometimes say too much / I'm sorry that your love is not enough." He truly is a one-man band as the video quickly transitions to scenes of him playing the drums, playing a harmonica, and back to him strumming his guitar and singing the song's sweet melody. The simplicity of the video allows the song to speak for itself, and Leming's sincerity is truly felt. Leming weighed in on the approach he took to the video:

"When I do the song live, it doesn't feel sad. It has a lot of focused energy so we made the video to feel like that, rather than try to pull off some forced plot."

The video is exactly that: a candid interpretation of Leming's thoughts and emotions in the moment. It feels effortless and wholehearted, which is just about as much as you can ask from an artist. You can watch the video for "Lie With Me" below: