JR JR Shares Top 5 Ones To Watch


JR JR is no stranger to the music business. Formerly known as Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr., the Detroit-based duo has progressively cultivated their indie pop sound since late 2009. The latest and most illustrative sampling of their seasoned talents manifested in their third full-length album, the self-titled JR JR released on Warner Bros. Records just about one year ago today. Currently, JR JR is traveling with Ones To Watch band Saint Motel, hitting most major U.S. markets through mid-October. 

Given their collective experience and knowledge, we decided to consult JR JR for their Ones To Watch. The duo's top five emerging artists are listed below, along with personal commentary and a sample song by each artist.

1. Steady Holiday 

"The song 'Your Version Of Me' is one of the best songs written last year. Plus, the vintage sound was perfectly achieved."

2. Chance the Rapper

"We played a set with him, and his live band was inspiring. Plus, he oozes charisma in a very rare way."

3. Local Natives 

"Their new album is a huge step in a new direction…but it still sounds unmistakably like them. That's always the sign of a really great artist.“

4. Bedouine

"She’s got very smart and fragile-sounding music. There is so much inside of it, and it’s very astute lyrically. Exciting project!”

5. Gosh Pith:

“A Detroit electro duo? Sound familiar? They stole our concept but do it their own way. New stuff is trickling out and is all great.”