Justin Jay & Friends Proves To Be The Ultimate Squad


It's always refreshing to watch a young artist evolve over time, and that's exactly what we've witnessed with dirtybird standout Justin Jay. The DJ/producer released "Let Go" on Soul Clap Records today, and the groove is so addictive we expect to have this one on repeat all day.

Initially gaining traction via his involvement with L.A.'s premiere tech/deep house label dirtybird, Jay recently called on the assistance of his musically-inclined college friends to create a brand new outfit called Justin Jay & Friends. Justin Jay & Friends diverges from Jay's original tech-heavy, club-bound productions by incorporating live elements from each of his homies: vocals from Josh Taylor, guitar by Benny Bridges, and drums courtesy of Henry Was, and bass provided by Ulf Bonde.

Jay commented in the SoundCloud description of their first release, "Weatherman," "Many of my closest friends in college were obsessed with other kinds of music besides house and techno. When you’re a sensitive music kid in a fratty party school, you can appreciate people who deeply care about any type of music."

Another unique aspect of the Justin Jay & Friends project is that they've rapidly released a few separate EPs across several different labels, including the "Fantastic Voyage" parts 1 & 2 on London-based Black Butter Records under Sony Entertainment and Freerange Records, then most recently "Let  Go" on Boston-born disco house imprint Soul Clap Records.

Regarding this technique, Jay noted "Unlike a normal album that comes out all at once on one label, this project is broken up across a few EPs on a bunch of labels that reflect how different these songs are from each other. But there’s a strong underlying connection: they were all made by me and my friends and they all work in my sets in between the dirtybird bombs and techno jams that I play."

If you're digging this live electronic sound, we'd definitely recommend keeping an eye on the young Justin Jay.