Kacy Hill’s ‘Like A Woman’ Is a Spellbinding Exploration of Love & Femininity


Kacy Hill's debut album, Like A Woman, is a transfixing 40-minute exploration of both the possible dualities of pop music and the dualities around the thematic elements of love and femininity. Like A Woman has been highly anticipated from the first murmurings of Kacy Hill being discovered while working as a background dancer for Kanye West, to more recent mention that Kanye West went as far as executive producing the album. The long-awaited debut was well worth the wait, as the final result is an exceptional pop album that allows an authentic and intimate portrayal of Kacy Hill as an artist and person.    

The way in which Kacy Hill chooses to explore the capacities of pop and her voice produces a highly cohesive album that never feels lackluster in its musical elements, in large parts due to Kacy Hill's own seeming confidence in her vocal range and the masterful production present. Production wise, the album is through and through a pop album, but where it excels spectacularly is in its refusal to contain itself to a singular sub-genre of pop.

The opening and title track, "Like A Woman," is a beautiful, stripped back piano ballad, yet a few tracks later one can find an emotional and shimmering electropop dream in "Hard to Love," then look further in to find Tourist producing a radio-ready hit anthem with "Arm's Length." Despite all these distinct moving parts, the album never feels disjointed when it is experienced all together. Responsible for this feat of unity is Kacy Hill's voice, which maintains a sense of cohesion through the way she freely draws her voice into a hushed tone or a powerful bellow based on what the production calls for without ever losing her own distinctive sound. 


Kacy Hill's clear presence throughout the album is what allows for Like A Woman to truly excel beyond being just another well-crafted pop album. The notion may seem obvious, but most great music is crafted when the artist themselves can be felt clearly within the music itself. Based on Kacy Hill's own sentiments, it is evident that the artist put not only her own self into the making of the album but also paid careful attention to the listener's own experience and perceptions:

"'Like A Woman' is an exploration of my own femininity and sexuality. I want my audience to have a similar experience of their own while listening.  My goal is not to make a statement, but make space for exploration without shame or guilt. I don’t speak for all women. I speak for Kacy Hill."

Like A Woman is just that - a space for exploration for both Kacy Hill and the listener. Kacy Hill unabashedly presents her own experience with desiring love, dealing with heartbreak, a sense of longing, exploring her own sexuality and independence, all without jumping to a definitive statement or conclusion. Like A Woman presents Kacy Hill in her most raw, emotional, and authentic state, allowing for a listening experience that is dual parts instantaneously enchanting and highly emotive.  

Stream the entirety of Like A Woman below and keep up with Kacy Hill on Ones To Watch.