Kali Uchis crushes Steve Lacy’s dreams and heart in new “Only Girl” music video

Kali Uchis just dropped a video for her latest single "Only Girl." The track, produced by Kaytranada, features a silky hook by The Internet's Steve Lacy and a smooth rapped bridge by Vince Staples. 

Uchis, who purposely chose a male hook for the song, wanted the video to reflect the song's role reversal concept - where the woman is the dominant one and says "no."

The video introduces The Internet's Steve Lacy in search for his one love, Kali Uchis. Uchis, using an old fashioned telephone, expresses her disinterest. There a dream-like atmosphere, created by the combination of baby colors, backgrounds of clouds, and sheer curtains. Vince Staples also makes an appearance in a vintage convertible outside a prison, adding a West Coast gangsta vibe to the video. Check it out: