Kaytranada Wins Polaris Prize, Releases 0.001% Mixtape, AND Debuts “You’re The One” Music Video


In case you haven't been in the loop lately, here's a quick update: Kaytranada is ON FIRE. The Ones To Watch standout has not only been awarded the highly prestigious Canadian Polaris Music Prize, but he's also continued to remind us exactly why he deserved it with a chilled out mixtape and a throwback music video–all within a one week span.

Joining the ranks of artists like Arcade Fire, Caribou, and Godspeed!, Kaytranada's 99.9% triumphed as Canada's best full-length record, a prize chosen by a jury of music journalists, bloggers, and broadcasters based on "artistic merit, regardless of genre, sales, or record label." It's no surprise that 99.9% has made it this far, considering it's continued to receive universal acclaim by music critics and fans across the globe since its May 6 release. 

Just days after humbly accepting the Polaris Prize, Kaytranada maintained his winning streak with a one and a half hour mix containing "beats, loops, remixes and sounds made during the process of 99.9%."

Last but not least, we got a visual dose of Kaytranada today with the music video for "You're The One," a standout from the 99.9% album featuring The Internet's Syd. Directed by major music filmmaker Shomi Patwary, the video is an entertaining ode to '90s TV sitcoms Martin and Living Single.