Kim Petras Graces us With Pride Banger “Can’t Do Better”


Photo:Thom Kerr

Kim Petras offers the gift we all needed most this Pride Season: an absolute bop that we can belt our faces off to. "Can't Do Better" is the latest single from the German-born songstress, and it delivers to that place in the soul that craves a soaring pop hit.

Influenced by icons like Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera, her sound is almost as pure pop as one can get, with some slight notes of disco sprinkled in. Petras' tune "Can't Do Better" begins with a choppy warped sound, and then launches into a glossy upbeat tempo. It's easy to relate to the lyrics which outline an insecure girl seeking the affection of her crush only to be told that she isn't good enough. The song features an evolution of thought, at first struggling to get validation from an outside source and ultimately declaring, "You can't do better."


The song speaks to everyone who has ever felt inadequate, but gives special recognition to the transgender community with the line, "Am I not built to be the one? Tried to be sweet, tried to be fun…" Petras first broke into the public eye for speaking out publicly about transitioning at an early age, and has since been a shining example of confidence within the LGBTQ community. Her leadership and successes follow her into the music scene, as Petras is currently killing it with millions of streams and opening for Troye Sivan's BLOOM Tour. Not to mention, she is set to perform at Pride marches in LA, Cincinnati and Pittsburgh.

Petras describes her sound as "unapologetically pop," which also speaks to her vibe as an artist. Unapologetic, bubbly and ready to make waves. Check out her song below!