King Princess’ ‘Make My Bed’ Is a Deeply Captivating Pop Masterpiece


What is there to be said of King Princess that we haven't already said before? The pop star in the making's debut single, "1950," earned co-signs from both Harry Styles and Mark Ronson, signaling it as an early contender for pop anthem of the year. The Brooklyn born-and-raised artist turned down a recording deal at the tender age of 11. Over the course of two singles, she's already established herself as a lasting voice in the world of pop. What else there is to be said of King Princess is that her debut EP is a deeply beautiful pop masterpiece.

Make My Bed, the debut from King Princess clocks in at a succinct 15 minutes, but in that short of amount of time she manages to craft some of the best pop music in recent memory. King Princess opens the EP with the left-field title track, "Make My Bed." It's a welcomed surprise. The atmospheric ballad creates a world of its own with its brilliant use of a distant, reverberant piano. It's a deeply somber track that pulls at one's heartstrings despite its short length, or rather because of it. Then there's "Upper West Side," with its emotive electric guitar riffs that blur the line between whether King Princess is an indie rock or pop savant. 


Taken altogether, Make My Bed, is an EP that expertly explores the full range of human emotion. Even when the lyrics are at its most melancholy, King Princess's commanding vocals still capture the intrinsic joy that makes great pop music such a universal phenomenon. Nowhere is this more apparent than on the previously released single "Talia," which paints a picture of alcohol-fueled escapism under the guise of hip-swaying production. The remainder of the EP is filled with similar emotional highs and lows, while never faltering when it comes down to the execution of it all.

King Princess' debut is a true work of art. Yes, it's an amazingly crafted, lasting piece of pop music. But more than anything, it demonstrates the promise so many people first saw in the young artist with the release of "1950." Make My Bed is living proof that King Princess is very much the future of pop royalty we championed her to be.