Kitsuna Debuts His ‘Deepnight’ Vibe On New Single, “Don’t Forget” [PREMIERE]


With a debut album coming in 2019, Kitsuna is ready to hit the ground running. The Toronto-based producer/artist thrives in the r&b/electronic genre while tapping into grooves reminiscent of hits from the 80s. Today, we have the premiere of his latest single, "Don't Forget", off of his upcoming album. Detailing the space he's been in musically, Kitsuna said:

This song is the first release under a style I’ve been calling "deepnight"; running on the border somewhere between R&B and electronic music with themes of exploring inner darkness and solitude. The song grew out of bittersweet reminiscing and is a small taste of what’s to come in a few months with the album.

Despite the seemingly dark space that "Don't Forget" was birthed from, the song proves to be velvety smooth. Listen for yourself below and stay tuned for more from Kitsuna in the future!