Kllo Is “Candid” in an Introspective Dancefloor Hit


Since their first foray into the world of empathic electronic music a few years ago, Melbourne duo Kllo has long-since established themselves as masters at instilling every one of their songs with a profound sense on sentimentality. Their latest is no different. Marking the Melbourne's duo first release since their phenomenal debut album, 2017's Backwater, "Candid" is a UK garage-scored mediation on the intrinsic power of words.

One of Kllo's strongest features is the way in which cousins Chloe Kaul and Simon Lam play off one another to build something that truly feels dynamic alive. "Candid" is a fusion of sounds emotions thanks to a chopped vocal sample one would expect to find on an XL Recordings deep-cut, a danceable UK garage-style beat, and Kaul's wistful R&B-style vocals. The hybrid vision results in a meditative dancefloor hit that underscores very real emotional depth. As vocalist Kaul explained to Paper on the underlying meaning of "Candid,"

"It's about understanding the power of my words, which is something new to me and the fundamental key to my happiness. Being as candid as I can and deserve to be."

The downtempo sentiment is exuded simply yet beautifully in an equally candid accompanying video comprised of grainy intimate footage captured while on tour. The camera reticles that appear over Kaul and Lam's faces throughout the video also speak to the other meaning imbued in "Candid" of attempting to capture an honest moment in time. And that is exactly what the Melbourne duo has done with "Candid." Kllo has presented us with a sincerely honest sonic sentiment and made it danceable as well.  

Watch the video for "Candid" below: