Kodie Shane Is a Modern Day Superhero in “LOVE & DRUGZ II” Video


There's no debating it–Kodie Shane is a boss. The only female member of Lil Yachty's Sailing Team, she's blazing the way for women in hip-hop. She has been covered by the likes of The Fader, Billboard, and Pitchfork, most recently appearing on the cover of Teen Vogue's "21 Under 21 Most Influential" issue. Shane started rapping and producing at the age of 14, and has raced to the top of the industry with her distinctly energetic sound and effortless fusion of singing with rap.

Her single "Love & Drugz II" and its accompanying video come on the tail of her Big Trouble Little Jupiter mixtape earlier in 2018. Shane first turned heads in 2016 with her single "Sad" featuing Lil Yachty, and she blew listeners away with her breakout verse on Lil Yachty's "All In," released in Summer 2016 on Yachty's Summer Songs 2. At only 19, the Atlanta-based hip-hop artist has an impressive body of work and has consistently delivered inventive and irresistibly catchy tracks. "Love & Drugz II" is no exception, and the recently released animation for the single is playfully Marvel-esque, featuring Kodie Shane and Trippie Redd fighting the supernatural crime plaguing their city.

Directed by Child, the anime video for "Love & Drugz II" begins with Shane's avatar on a rooftop, scanning over a photograph of the pink-haired villainess she has been called to defeat. The next shot features Trippie Redd driving a red sports car with Kodie Shane smoking a blunt on the hood as they sail toward the monsters of the night. If that isn't how modern day superheroes should look, then we don't know what is. The two proceed to fight a horde of terrifying sewer people, Shane's weapon of choice being samurai swords and Redd's a machine gun. 

Our two heroes finally make it to their final destination of the night–the laboratory of the pink-haired evildoer. In a nail-biter of a scuffle, Shane finds herself pinned down and injected with a glowing white liquid, which traps her in an orb and leaves her at the mercy of her enemy. Just in the nick of time, Redd busts in and shoots the villainess, thus releasing Shane from her otherworldly prison. The two ride off into the sunset as buildings explode behind them, already plotting their next mission to restore justice in their city.

The animation adds an element of fantasy and nostalgia to the single, and intensifies the drama of Shane's vocals on the track. The "Love & Drugz II" video is an alternative take to what fans expected, but one that was executed perfectly.

Kodie Shane will perform live at the Knockdown Center in Queens, NY on August fourth with Juice WRLD. Keep an eye out for more from First Lady of Lil Yachty's Sailing Team.