kristina alcordo Is “Movin On” From Past Lovers & Towards the Next Stage of R&B


“Light only penetrates the darkness that is already there,” says rising R&B phenomenon kristina alcordo on her latest ethereal release. It is the sort of sentiment that speaks to a universal truth, a truth that alcordo explores in her first release in over a year, "Movin On." It is a song that should be taken at face value, as alcordo both moves on from a past lover towards the proverbial light, as well as on to the next stage of her career 

A symphony of pulsating alt-R&B, "Movin On" is alcordo not only at her most honest and vulnerable, but at her most capable. Released under her given name, there are no clever monikers or masks to hide behind. Instead, the only thing on display is an alcordo who has fully stepped into her own as an artist, wielding her intrinsic talent for creating a palpable atmospheric shift with ease. Under an array of reverberation and stellar production, alcordo's softly-sung vocals float along despite the powerful emotive weight imbued in every verse. 

The distant and moody production is in large part thanks to one of alcordo's biggest supporters, JMSN, who is a frequent collaboator and produced the track. "Movin On" makes it clear as day exactly what JMSN sees in alcordo. A kindred spirit in crafting an effortless vibe, alcordo feels like an R&B artist for the ages. And if there is one request we can make of this star in the making, it's to please not leave us waiting too long for more gems like this.

Listen to "Movin On" below: