KWAYE Merges Retro and Modern Immaculately In “Little Ones” Video


Hey, remember when MTV aired music videos? That long gone time where one could be sitting around listening to music in passing, and in the next moment be suddenly absorbed by a music video so captivating that it required your full and paramount attention? KWAYE's latest video for "Little Ones" is a testament to those rare and unforgettable moments.

The Zimbabwe-born artist KWAYE is the perfect combination of retro soul with a modern flair, which makes it even harder to believe that "Little Ones" is only his second single. His natural talent and creative energy is clear and obvious from the moment KWAYE first appears on screen, matching spellbinding choreography with a mesmerizing classic house beat. Truly, KWAYE is reminiscent of the pop and soul superstars of the '80s and '90s who seemed capable of doing it all–from hypnotic vocal hooks, to evocative and emotional visual performance, to powerful songwriting.

"Little Ones" is not reminiscent of the most memorable old school music videos in sound and choreography alone–it also contains deep-seated visual storytelling that makes it all the more entrancing. "Littles Ones" sees KWAYE encountering various representations of himself that were previously inhibited, and the transformation that comes about when one manages to accept and break past those inhibitions. KWAYE's pop-infused neo soul could only be described as the product of a range of musical influences and experiences all culminating in this one moment.

Watch the music video for "Little Ones" below: