KWAYE Unveils Soulful & Sensual New Single & One-Take Video “Jasmine”


Photo: Xavier Marshall

Soulful and seductive, blending classic vibes into a modern timelessness, British-Zimbabwean KWAYE's music alternates at times between smooth and gritty vocals, quiet and big sounds. The multi-talented artist with a knack for cutting-edge fashion taught himself guitar, viola, and saxophone growing up, has performed throughout London's West End, and is making moves with another standout new track and video, "Jasmine."

Directed by Billy Boyd Cape and shot entirely in one single take, the "Jasmine" video (premiered via The Fader) sees KWAYE delivering an awe-inspiring, powerful performance. Styled in luxurious, royal hues of burgundy to match the new track's layered, rich production, KWAYE stuns us as he passionately belts out notes and moves at times in synchronicity with the beat.

Opening with solo, verbed-out guitar strums and expertly introducing downtempo percussion, vintage-sounding keys, and thick harmonies, "Jasmine" evokes midnight lust and sensual imagery. KWAYE explained the song's relevance to relationships and his personal philosophy:

“This song is whatever it makes you feel. For me, romance isn’t dead, and 'Jasmine' embodies the highs and lows of intimacy.”

Breaking into the industry with a story of chance encounter straight from a Hollywood script, KWAYE moved from London to attend college at UCLA for a dual major in African American Studies and the Music Industry. Randomly meeting a former A&R exec who was driving for Uber, KWAYE played "Cool Kids" in the car for him - which eventually would become his first single. Passing the song onto the founder of Mind of a Genius, KWAYE became the label's first signee from the UK.

Now 23 years old, he has achieved a breakout EP, Solar, since signed to Mind of a Genius. Recently releasing another instrumentally-stripped back new song "Lost in My Boots," KWAYE is once again adding a slew of exciting new singles under his belt. We can't wait to see what's next to come from this unique and emerging globally-inspired artist.

Prepare to be impressed as you watch the artistry of KWAYE unfold in "Jasmine" below: