Kweku Collins Explores Fear and Nostalgia in the "Sisko and Kasidy” Video


Since emerging onto the scene in 2015, Kweku Collins has remained one of the most experimental and adventurous voices in the realm of hip-hop. Preparing to embark on a Ones To Watch tour this fall, the Illinois-based rapper, producer, and songwriter's latest outings have seen him weaving together sonic elements from a vast array of disparate genres to craft a sound that feels simultaneously familiar and novel. The video for "Sisko and Kasidy" is an exemplary showing of this noted trend, as Collins ventures out on an interplanetary rescue mission scored by an array of reverberant, shimmering hip-hop.

Directed by Jon Levert, "Sisko and Kasidy" is a cosmic and cinematic take on your standard hip-hop video. However, this is not a clichéd space-age tale. The video has more in common with a blockbuster art house film like Annihilation than it does Star Wars, allowing it to explore deep and complex human emotions of fear and nostalgia. The more artistic elements of the video are only heightened by the juxtaposition that results from Collins and Ajani Jones' lively interplay.

Adorned in space gear that is evocative of an '80s Spielberg film, Collins and Jones trade verses as more and more of their crew fall prey to an unknown entity. It's an almost absurd concept but one that never betrays its artistic ambitions. Sonically, "Sisko and Kasidy" has all the hallmarks of what makes a Collins track such an otherworldly affair. With each new release, it feels like Collins is further pushing the boundaries of what hip-hop means as a genre.

Watch the video for "Sisko and Kassidy" below and catch Kweku Collins on tour this fall: