LÉON Bares A Double-Edged Sword In "Think About You"


Nostalgia seems to mask the undesirable side of situations, but LÉON doesn’t forget the hurt from a past love. Incredibly honest and soulfully cathartic, LÉON’s “Think About You” is a dreamy and melancholy gem. 

The track opens heavy-heartedly with deliberate keys and pensive, echoing vocals. But as seconds pass, the somber verse erupts into an addictive, anthemic chorus. As the highlight and entire being of the song, the chorus breathes a life of its own. It’s the kind you will know by heart within a few times of listening.

The songstress bares an aching heart on her sleeve: “You’re cold, and it’s cruel. Acting like I am someone that you never knew.” Despite the downside of this cold-hearted relationship, she can’t seem to shake the persistent thoughts that lead her back to this person: “Heavy-hearted trouble on my mind. Cause I think about you.”

We had the pleasure of witnessing LÉON's powerful vocals live at The Hotel Cafe LA last week. Watch a clip from the night here. The singer-songwriter hailing from Stockholm, Sweden signed to Columbia Records and released her debut EP Treasure in December 2015.

Stream “Think About You" below and keep up with LÉON here