LÉON Urges You to Not Kill the Vibe in the Sizzling “Baby Don’t Talk”


It's been almost exactly three years since LÉON first stole our hearts and minds with her debut single, "Tired of Talking." Since then, the Swedish songstress has captivated audiences with her textured vocals and honeyed tracks. Influenced by Motown, which comes across in her songwriting, her music delivers timeless appeal and cutting modern nuances simultaneously, giving her a sound all her own. All these years later, it seems that LÉON would still rather skip the idle conversation. "Baby Don't Talk" is another soaring indie pop banger that is sure to get stuck in your head with its infectious melodic lines.

The track is already buzzing with energy before LÉON delivers the first vocal line. Crescendoed pulsing instrumentals sets the singer up for a dramatic entrance, which is only appropriate as her vocals are deserving of a grand entrance. This song has the elements of an iconic title track to a beloved television series; it's memorable, it's bright and it evokes a deep swell of feel-good emotions with a simple melody. LÉON belts out,

"So show me how you work, with your lips, with your hands and your heart. No there's no need for words. Take a chance now, am I askin' too much?"


The pre-chorus is stripped down, leaving space for an explosion on the chorus for glittery synth and vocal chops. The main takeaway from the song, as always, is LÉON's uncommon ability to douse a relatively straightforward pop song with soul and finesse.

"Baby Don't Talk" is the first single from LÉON's forthcoming debut album, and we'd be lying if we denied that we've already cleared our schedules to give it a listen.

Listen to "Baby Don't Talk" below:

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