LØLØ’s Got Some Thoughts on Love on “Hate U”


There's just something about Canada when it comes to music. Pick any genre and there's a rising, low key Canadian, talent on the scene. And it's only later that we all find out, and we're caught off guard each time we do. So let's go ahead and get familiar with LØLØ so we aren't surprised by her success later. 

The Toronto native, LØLØ, is packing a lot of punch in her effortless pop sound. Today she dropped "Hate U," an alt-pop tune injected with heartbreak and a bit of classic 2000s angst to boot. "Hate U" is just her second release from her EP titled Permanent Damage, due out later this year. 

In between its catchy hook and LØLØ's cool girl toned vocals, she's telling quite a story about removing the romanticism from a toxic relationship. When listening, you can follow the plot line of her wanting love turning into a heat-filled hate. She said this about the story of "Hate U," 

"There's nothing worse than trying to ignore those feelings, especially when you've fallen for someone you're not supposed to fall for […] In the end, we're just looking for a bandaid - anything to make us feel better about it. In my situation, I wanted to feel something with this person but love just wasn't an option. So the only thing left to do was to channel all those feelings into absolutely hating them, and convincing myself that what I was feeling was never love in the first place."

And that's just relatable content. Listen to "Hate U" below: