LANY’s “Thru These Tears” Is Greater Than a Simple Heartbreak Anthem


LANY's rose era, a nod to the album art on their self-titled debut album, has officially come to an end with the release of their electrifying new single, "Thru These Tears." The first single from trio's forthcoming album Malibu Nights signals the beginning of the moon era. The song itself is an indelible pop song deserving of the word anthem.

"Thru These Tears" is LANY at their most powerful and vulnerable. Fronted by Paul Klein, and comprised of Les Priest and Jake Goss, Malibu Nights comes in the wake of Klein's recent breakup with breakout pop star Dua Lipa. LANY's latest contains an undercurrent of that reality but its focus is much broader. As Klein shared while speaking to Zane Lowe who premiered the track on his Beats 1 show,

"It's bigger than a breakup album. This is just about being human and going through the ups and downs.“

"Thru These Tears" is an undeniably somber exploration of lost love, but more than anything it's a song about finding the hope in sorrow. Klein frames the song in such a way that its continually forward-thinking, singing, "In the end I'm gonna be alright / But it might take a hundred sleepless nights." Yes, heartbreak is a very real thing and it is perfectly acceptable to acknowledge that, but what is most important is to recognize that like all things, overcoming heartbreak does not happen overnight. "Thru These Tears" so brilliantly demonstrates this fact, delivering a testament to emotional processes we all face in the form of a shimmering pop anthem.

Listen to "Thru These Tears" below:

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