LAUREL Diverges From the Norm In “Maybe Baby”


22-year-old alternative pop singer, songwriter, and producer LAUREL eloquently expresses her existential fears in new single "Maybe Baby." 

She voices this subdued fear in a catchy pop song with alt-rock guitars and smooth vocals woven throughout the track. The uncertainty is mirrored in the highs and lows of the song as she describes the pros and cons of settling down at a young age.

LAUREL told The Line of Best Fit:

"At the time I think I just wanted to write something that sounded a bit different from the other songs I had been writing at the time. Everything in life was feeling too comfortable and content, things were just going a little too well. So I just freaked out, I think I am most scared of living an unfulfilled life and thats what 'Maybe Baby' is about. Settling down too early and not tearing it up enough and then one day looking around and being like, ‘How the fuck did I get here?'"

Written, performed, recorded, produced and mixed by LAUREL in her East London based studio, her forthcoming EP Park is set to drop November 18.

Stream “Maybe Baby" below and keep up with LAUREL here