Lewis Capaldi Will Leave You Emotionally Unstable With ‘BREACH’ EP


Lewis Capaldi is the embodiment of an artist. Down within the depths of his core lays musical ingenuity that he shares within everything he creates. Extricating the most intense feelings on love and heartbreak on his new BREACH EP, Capaldi shines in his ability to craft powerful songs that will move your soul.

Captivating you into his unadulterated thoughts and emotions, BREACH is a powerful body of work. "Tough" illustrates the loneliness and craze that settles in when the person you love is no longer around. Though they may be absent physically, it's hard to shake them from occupying every thought and memory in your mind. It's a side effect of your first true heartbreak. Moving into the gorgeous song "Grace," Capaldi notes the virtuosity of love. He sings with the most intense passion on the lines, "I was only just a breath removed from going to waste, / Till I found salvation in the form of your grace," to make for a truly moving song. If there is one thing Capaldi always delivers, it's his ability to nail every vocal performance with the most impact.

The second half of the EP consists of two new songs. "Someone You Loved" is a piano-centered ballad that echos the most beautiful conviction of losing in love. It's impossible not to swoon when he reaches into his falsetto, tingle with every little bit of natural vibrato on sustained notes, or be shook by the vocal breaks at the bridge. He effortlessly conveys so much pain, you almost wonder who hurt him. The demo for "Something Borrowed" is a gospel-influenced tune to try and pull you out of the despair "Someone You Loved" left you in. With the background vocals acting as a church choir and use of the organ, Capaldi is accepting the love coming his way.

BREACH is a testimony to broken hearts and emotionally incomplete people just trying to find their soulmate. The songs are beautifully constructed to convey every ounce of sincerity and integrity that exists in love as well as its pitfalls and pain. Sometimes you just need to feel human, and that's what art is supposed to do. Not everybody can make art, but Lewis Capaldi sure can, and that's exactly what he did with BREACH.