Lewis Capaldi’s Emotional “Grace” Video Will Change Everything You Knew About Pole Dancing


Everything Lewis Capaldi touches turns into a hit. The Glasgow native’s debut EP, Bloom, garnered millions of streams, capturing the hearts of an international audience with his tormented vocals and humble demeanor. The standout of the EP, “Bruises,” is currently sitting at over 70 million streams on Spotify, the music video underlining the power of his unadorned vocals. He went from playlist royalty to playing major venues, selling out no fewer than three back-to-back headline tours. As a cherry on top of his newfound success, he also received endorsements from industry leaders Sam Smith and Niall Horan. Capaldi is back with his latest single, “Grace,” and he’s strumming the heartstrings with impassioned force. However, this time he’s adding a little bit of humor to balance out the feels with the accompanying video. 

The video begins with Capaldi standing outside your run-of-the-mill lower middle class home, to which his sister promptly pulls up and asks if he can cover her shift at work because she busted her knee. The track drops in as Capaldi walks into what appears to be a club of some kind, setting down his guitar as his sister argues with the bouncer, who’s outraged that the day’s show is missing its leading lady. After handing the DJ a tape titled “Big Fat Sexy Jungle Mix,” Capaldi steps onstage to deliver the performance of a lifetime–a daytime strip show to a room of roughly four old men.

Knowing that he’s doing so for his sister, watching Capaldi gyrate against a pole while leading a V formation of male strippers is, interestingly enough, incredibly touching. Capaldi has delivered the perfect blend of humor and heart, and looks like an absolute rockstar while he does so. The song itself needs no in-depth analysis; the melody, the lyrics, the passion and the instrumentals combine to create one unanimous rush of emotion. He belts out the lyrics,

“I’m not ready to be just another of your mistakes.”


The song hits a tender spot in the heart, and the video will make you laugh until you cry. Lewis Capaldi has an understanding of the human experience that goes right past relatable to uplifting. He commented on the making of the video, saying,

“For the video I wanted to do something different to what I’d usually do or what I’ve seen from other artists who are doing songs that have a similar subject matter. There are some people who are really good at doing sincere videos, and that’s cool, but it’s just not me. Despite my songs being emotional, I’m not really the serious type, so I thought it would be funny to do the most ridiculous idea imaginable!”

Grab tickets to one of his upcoming shows before they sell out, and think about Lewis Capaldi the next time you happen upon a strip club.