Lido Enlists THEY. For Your Favorite Summer Dance Anthem


"Not Enough" is at its very core wildly fun. It's the type of song that doesn't require an in-depth analysis nor does it need to be picked apart under a microscope to figure out what exactly makes it work. "Not Enough" is the product of a day in the studio between Norwegian musician Lido and west coast R&B duo THEY., inspired by the new jack swing fusion genre of the '80s club scene.

The night club feels like exactly where "Not Enough" belongs and properly thrives. From the funk-filled opening bass line, the hip hop "swing" beats, to the immediately catchy chorus and vocal breakdowns, every moment of "Not Enough" challenges you to let loose and dance. This is the long overdue summer dance anthem that we didn't know we needed. It's a testament to the songs that used to fill countless summer night clubs and hopes to breathe a new life into those times that were thought long past. More than anything, it simply is what it is, and Lido says it best: "['Not Enough'] is just a fun thing we wanted to put out there for people to dance to this summer."

Re-live the '80s hip-hop club scene with Lido and THEY.'s "Not Enough" below: