Listen to “Freak Like Me,” The Song NoMBe’s Girl Didn’t Want Him To Release


For a rising artist, one of the toughest decisions is whether to release a string of singles to keep the buzz going or to take the time to hone an entire album. In the case of R&B singer and producer NoMBe, a new track each month has ignited serious anticipation for his upcoming debut album, They Might've Even Loved Me. His latest, "Freak Like Me," is the most active track we've heard from the record, packed with sultry guitar riffs and fiery, deviant energy.

The track is a fitting combination of funk, indie and R&B. NoMBe croons, "She won't tell nobody," followed by captivating electric guitar solo. The song returns to this exact moment one more time, capturing the musician's soulful sound. "Freak Like Me" certainly lives up to the impressive reputation the young artist has set for himself. NoMBe shared,

"This is the one and only song my significant other never wanted me to release. Lucky for you she eventually caved because the world needs to hear it. Here's to all the Freaks :)"

In contrast to the incredibly romantic "Young Hearts" video, NoMBe has revealed a dark and sexy music video in support of this month's track. Catch NoMBe at his Lighting in a Bottle and Electric Forest festival appearances this summer, and explore the scene in the 360 degree "Freak Like Me" video below!