Listen to “Modern,” A Smashing Declaration of Millennial Anarchy By New Mystics


Josh Onstott has dipped his toes in numerous indie/folk waters, touring with the likes of Radiohead and Bon Iver as a multi instrumentalist in the band Other Lives. While Other Lives has proved a successful endeavor for Onstott, his latest solo enterprise as New Mystics is hardly a side project–it's "music that needs to be made," according to Zane Lowe of Beats 1 Radio.

The delicacy of Onstott's first release as New Mystics, "Sparrows," moves aside on his second release under the moniker - "Modern." The track blasts on the scene with booming drums and bursting guitar riffs. "Modern" peels back previous layers of quiet innocence to reveal that "the modern age is over," calling listeners to confront the notion that the millennial generation shouldn't have to smile when they've been dealt a flawed hand.

New Mystics presents their debut show at The Bootleg Theatre on February 21st in Los Angeles–grab tickets here.