Listen: Twin Shadow - "To The Top"

Everybody, drop everything. Twin Shadow released a new single and it sounds like he’s bowed down to the 80’s all the way this time. AKA he’s gone Michael Bolton on us with a total destroyer of glory pop anthems. His statement on this song: 

What is it when you realize that someone isn’t right for you? Or when you find that you do not and can not posses someone entirely? You want someone so bad and it feels like hell.

It’s not like the first time, once loved love evolves, and you no longer have as much control, and it frustrates you. I think because of this feeling we find ourselves constantly wanting to reset, like new years resolutions, like dreaming up moments from the past where the ending flips on its head, like true forgiveness…We just want to say “wait wait wait, this went too far in the wrong direction, can we try that again.”

Do your spirits need a lift? Feel like reminiscing and imagining Whitney Houston, Celine Dion, and Phil Collins all weeping in a corner? Listen: