LIVE MUSIC VIDEO PREMIERE: Ben Hazlewood - “Love Strong”

"Keep your love strong…" It's much easier said than done, but when it's being communicated via Ben Hazlewood's powerhouse vocals, we feel more inclined to listen. The Australian singer/songwriter is premiering his live music video for "Love Strong" exclusively on Ones To Watch today.

Hazlewood shared about the meaning behind "Love Strong,"

“Love strong is about a bittersweet goodbye, the fear of parting ways with someone so close to me but also wanting to see them succeed. I was worried as I have been churned up and spat out by the same city (she was moving to) and wanted to remind her to never lose the strength and spirit that was so uniquely hers.”

The compelling performance was recorded live at the legendary Ocean Way Studios in Nashville. For fans of the former The Voice finalist and New York/London Fashion Week standout, this video is the second dose of "Love Strong" since its debut on Hazlewood's Vanta EP in June.

Pick up your copy of Vanta here and keep up with Ben Hazlewood for more to come from the talented rising artist.