LIVE VIDEO PREMIERE: Kat Cunning’s “Make U Say” Turns Sexting into Art


Photo: Ben Trivett

Kat Cunning’s new video for “Make U Say” packs quite the punch. The aesthetics of the visuals are striking, featuring long sensual shots of the songstress bathed in pink light, wearing a vintage layered dress and extending silk covered hands in front of projections of blooming flowers. 

The video begins with Cunning, in the same fierce getup, posted on a rooftop in the city. It then quickly transitions to her breathtaking performance at Norwood, an intimate club space packed with people eagerly watching her every move. Her Gatsby-esque performance is something of dreams, leaving the viewer with the intimate feeling that they are sharing a truly special moment with the singer. While the video content is spot on, it serves as a mere vessel for Cunning’s stunning vocal delivery.

The New York-based singer made her debut in 2017 with singles “Baby” and “Wild Poppies” and has since gotten attention for her striking delivery and tastefully erotic demeanor. “Make U Say” pushes the boundaries set by Cunning’s former releases, partly owing to the fact that it was written about the nuances of sex, which isn’t an easy topic to explore in a way that’s both graceful and personal.

Cunning shared,

“’Make U Say’ is inspired by a long history of sexting. It’s an erotic poem meant to capture the all-consuming nature of new love, and the complexities of power in sex and life. I was very lucky to write it in London with Martin Terefe who helped bring those textures to life. At its heart, it’s a call to freedom, expression, acknowledgement, and romance.”

Cunning’s timeless look matches her voice. She has the kind of talent that transcends trend and genre, a fact which she has proven with her transition from acting on Broadway in a Cirque Du Soleil Show to singing pop music. The shift was seamless for Cunning, as she already has a collected perspective of who she is as a solo artist and oozes that image. She’s also outspoken as a member of the LGBTQ community, and has quickly risen as a leader and role model in the community. All things said, Kat Cunning has our attention.

Catch her live at Firefly Music Festival June 15, and stay tuned for her new single set to come out next month!