LIVE VIDEO PREMIERE: MOONZz Covers Radiohead x People Under the Stairs With “Everything Is Acid Raindrops”

After a highly enticing build-up over the last week, MOONZz finally unveils "Everything Is Acid Raindrops," a spiritually transcendental mash-up of two songs that have deeply impacted the L.A. singer's personal perspective, Radiohead's "Everything In Its Right Place" and People Under The Stairs' "Acid Raindrops."

MOONZz opens with a stunning rendition of the timeless line, "Everything in its right place," honoring the straightforward yet profoundly complex wisdom that Radiohead bestowed upon us nearly 20 year ago in their Kid A album. The awe-inspiring vocalist shared her connection with the original song,

"This past summer, we played our first music festival up at Northern Nights, and at our midnight set, we flowed into this mashup of Radiohead and People Under The Stairs. The audience fucked with it heavy, and the lyric, 'Everything in its right place' is a mantra I choose to live by everyday."

As alluringly sultry vocals get us warmed up and glitchy blurring effects add a subtle psychedelic touch to the visual, MOONZz slides into a flawlessly recited verse from "Acid Raindrops." She expanded,

"You live life, and in the course of living your life you, of course, experience highs and lows. It is YOU who chooses what you take from those experiences. You give them meaning. Thom Yorke’s voice and 'Acid Raindrops' has guided me through my life, with positivity through wordplay. My goal was to capture the feels these songs have always given me, and try to pass them along in my own way. I hope this makes you feel something too."

Apart from delivering potentially life-altering life lessons via mash-up covers, MOONZz has stayed busy solidifying her name in the Los Angeles music scene and beyond. In the span of just one year, she shared a her Trust Cycles debut EP, scored three Victoria's Secret ad campaigns, gained more than half a million monthly listeners, and sold out her first-ever show in L.A. 

Next up is a summer/fall tour alongside a four-piece electronic-infused alternative band, plus collaborations with esteemed producers like STINT (Gallant, Nao, Banks) and SRNO (Gia Koka). Needless to say, MOONZz is definitely one to keep an eye on this year.