lovelytheband Explores Complex Human Constructs AND Makes Us Dance in Debut Album


lovelytheband is more than just lovely. They've done it all: toured with Vance Joy and AWOLNATION, graced Billboard's "10 Rock & Alternative Artists to Watch in 2018,“ and now, they've just released their beautiful first album. finding it hard to smile is filled with catchy indie jams: true emotion-filled masterpieces that relay the whirlwind of life's romances. All in all, in finding it hard to smile, we ride the rollercoaster of the human psyche, developing solace in our past relationships, exploring feelings of being alone, and also finding comfort in our true friends. 

lovelytheband's finding it hard to smile starts with the namesake, "finding it hard to smile." A song so good they named the album after it, this mysterious piece makes you feel like you're in a wind tunnel with only whispers of "finding it hard" repeated over and over. 

Then, you enter your "pity party," the second track on the album. It feels like you're in a party with an upbeat synths and a catchy beat, and then you listen to the lyrics. "I can't seem to get off my couch," he sings. The lyrics sadden us, yet we still want to dance. "You'll see me smile but I won't be happy." We hear the happy indie pop tunes that almost sound like Grouplove and Smallpools had a baby, and then the lyrics resonate with the side of us that just can't seem to put on a forced smile. lovelytheband re-coins the term "pity party," and the duality makes us just want to listen to it both when we're in an angsty mood and when we're about to leave for a bar.

Another hit that makes you want to scream to the heavens and then also dance around your apartment is "broken." With over 28 million plays on Spotify, "broken" may just be fixing its way into the hearts of people all around the world. It shows the reality of a heartbroken and reeling person, singing to us that "life is not a love song." The gist is that everyone is "lonely, lonely like me" sometimes, and "broken, like me sometimes." We can all relate to feeling that the world is falling apart, and the infectious voice of lead singer Mitchy Collins nurses us through the reality of it all. 

In "these are my friends," we transition to to a more positive feeling of camaraderie. "It's pretty good company, it cheers me up when I feel bad." Collins has a hand to hold through this rough patch. We feel like we're transported into his life, feeling insecure, but craving love and attention. That's what lovelytheband does best: incorporate a gorgeous heart-wrenching and relaxed beat to complicated lyrics that inspire and explore deep human constructs.

We all crave that Coachella nostalgia, and no one does that better than lovelytheband. "Coachella" is a new hit that makes you want to bob your head from side to side, a truly relaxing and euphonious jam. It's music to our ears, as we delve into innocent nostalgia of being young and beautiful. He comments on the fact that "in your head it's Coachella every weekend," a sign of the lack of maturity in the object of his desire. Coachella is a one-weekend mentality, not a permanent state of mind. 

lovelytheband began making these complex and catchy tunes in 2017, with lead singer Mitchy Collins, guitarist Jordan Greenwald and drummer Sam Price. Exploring complex human emotions, they deliver 16 amazing tracks with shimmering synths, retro-esque guitar strumming, and cathartic lyrics. 

lovelytheband tells its audience it's okay to be broken, and it's okay to rely on other people during times of hardship. As cliché as it sounds, we can't do life alone and lovelytheband is here to hold your hand.

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