Lucky Daye Ignites the Start of an Impressive R&B Career With “Roll Some Mo”


The story of Lucky Daye is as varied and vast as his cinematic sound. Born and raised in New Orleans, Daye was not raised by the sounds of blues, jazz, and hip-hop that have long come to define the city. Rather, Daye was expressly forbidden from that world of music, and all secular music, spending his formative years raised in a religious cult that his mother belonged to.

Today, having long-since fled the cult and diving into the world of secular music, Daye arrives at his debut single "Roll Some Mo," as a striking new voice in the world of R&B. Despite having to originally teach himself melodies by single Bible verses and Dr. Seuss rhymes, Daye weaves in and out of "Roll Some Mo" with a relaxed lyrical grace that is nothing short of spellbinding. Masking himself in an array of reverberant swirling R&B instrumentation, Daye's airy ruminations spark comparisons to Frank Ocean, albeit with a sound that is uniquely his own.

"Roll Some Mo" feels like an impeccable debut for a number of reasons. There's the fact that this fully-formed single is the product of an artist who was forbidden from the art form for years; the fact that it follows fleeing a cult and building up a life for himself, only to have it be washed away by Hurricane Katrina. But more than anything, "Roll Some Mo" feels like an impeccable debut because of the impressive musicality it showcases. The emotive expanse that Lucky Daye breathes into existence signals a new and shining voice in the world of R&B, and it is our lucky day to have experienced it.

Listen to "Roll Some Mo" below, and keep an eye out for his debut album, Painted, due out later this year: