Madeleine Mayi Rides On The Wings of Uncertainty With ‘shy’ [PREMIERE]


Photo: Brigitte Crisp

Madeleine Mayi is making all corners of her talented persona known on her newest EP shy. Acting as performer, songwriter, and producer, Mayi delivers a wholehearted body of work centered on the mysteries of life.

shy is an indie rock record that utilizes vintage synths and passionate lyrics. The driving tempos on tracks like "SAY IT AGAIN" and "WHATEVER I DO" keep the momentum through the EP. Constructed with relatable lyrics like "Touch the ground and I can tell you're with her tonight," and "Can't feel my love through your phone," Mayi is painting pictures of youthful dilemmas to effortless instrumentation. "RECORD SPEED" is an equally vibrant track that has a soft break down in the chorus and soothing synths floating in tandem with Mayi's vocal. The introductory track "10p" and final track "towards you" are stripped down songs that focus on Mayi's voice and guitar playing. These songs reflect on vulnerability, and are rightful placed that the start and end of the EP. Speaking on the personal project, Mayi says,

“This project is all about uncertainty and how it shows up in our lives. The character that’s journeying through these songs at some point goes through what feels like complete security, and then what feels like paralyzing doubt. This is something that I have been very passionate to write about as an artist because there is no one- no matter if they are rich or poor, old or young- that does not experience these feelings.”

Shy has a spirited energy mirrored with a soulful one. It is equally powerful and unapologetic as it is reserved and forgiving. Though personal relationships change as often as people do, we can never know how they may evolve. 

The California native has never been afraid to go after what she wants, and that is explicit in both style and sound with this EP. Mayi released her debut EP Just The Six Of Us while a sophomore in college. The R&B, pop record gained an immediate audience through SoundCloud and encouraged Mayi to dive deeper in her songwriting ability.