Madge Is Telling Everyone Who’s In Charge With “How To Play” [PREMIERE]


Photo: Kobe Wagstaff

One-woman, self-produced act Madge is taking charge and affirming her legitimacy as a pop artist in her video "How To Play." Madge's drive and hustle is beyond the DIY landscape, and she clearly takes creative control to new heights.

"How To Play" is a funky tune that utilizes eccentric sounds and zany lyrics. The repetitious question "Who said that you're the boss?" is in your face and possesses a commanding demeanor. It's obvious that Madge isn't playing by anyone else's rules except her own. The tune is mirrored by the lo-fi video to accentuate Madge's crafty ingenuity and stand-out pop sound. With just a green screen, a phone, and killer dad-moves, "How To Play" redefines the meaning of producing quality video and reminds us that all of us have creative capabilities. Speaking on the tune, Madge explained,

"A lot of my songs are dark and metaphoric - a characteristic that I'm proud of and my go-to approach when I'm cooking lyrics. This time around I wanted to make something simple, repetitive, and literal. 'How To Play' is the Cliff's Notes version of Madge. It's also a self-affirmation of what I can do and what I'm here to do."

"How To Play" is a power-punching tune serving as Madge's proclamation of independence. She's a revolution on the pop scene in everything including sound, style, and attitude. She may be one person, but it only takes one drop to start a ripple effect. 

Watch the video below: