Manila Killa & Mansionair Remind You To Check On Your Friends With “Wake Up Call”


Manila Killa and Sydney-based trio Mansionair have teamed up to deliver their stellar new track, "Wake Up Call." Though the song conveys multiple interpretations, "Wake Up Call" carries a deep message that may hit a little too close to home for some.

Laced with ambient sounds and budding drums patterns, "Wake Up Call" is a dark track that recounts moments of memories and red flags. The synths are sharp and hypnotic while the vocals resonate with heavy delays and hints of reverb, providing that sense of dark nostalgia. With lyrics like "Maybe once, maybe twice, / I saw darkness in your eyes" and "Dive into the deep end, / I'm losing a good friend," you can't help but think of the times you saw all the signs a friend was losing sight of themselves. For a moment, you are stuck in denial because you'd never think they'd be the ones to fall, and, even though you possess the power to save them, you're frozen in doubt.

"Wake Up Call" is a tragic tune carrying the idea that you can always do more. We go through life seeing the world in peril around us, and, although one person can't fix everything, it's important to check on your loved ones. Tragedy can strike at any moment, so remember to tell your friends and family how much they are loved.

On a lighter note, revisit Mansionair's stunning "All Eyes On" performance in NYC below: