Maribou State & Khruangbin Write a New Chapter in World Music with “feel good”


Photo Credit: Alexandra Waespi

Chance happenings often lead to the best of results. Such is the case on the latest collaborative single from Maribou State and Khruangbin, "feel good." In "feel good," the English electronic duo and the Texas-based band have delivered a musical experience that is more than just an extremely enjoyable listening experience; it's a musical expedition into the interweaving fabrics that make up music as a whole.

The worldly track comes as the lead single from Maribou State's forthcoming album, Kingdoms In Colour due out September 7, and what a taste of what is to come. Feeling that their debut album, 2015's Portraits, felt too insular, the duo sought out inspiration for their forthcoming project from the places they visited over their two years. The result is readily apparent in "feel good," as its far off tribal-evocative chants and vintage surf riffs placed in the context of the forward-thinking production feels limited to no singular place or time. As Liam of Maribou State shared on the new music and forthcoming album,

"The idea with Maribou State was always to draw on influences from different parts of the world. By traveling, sampling, recording, we wanted to create this all-encompassing thing."


Photo Credit: Mary Kang

Additionally, the impact from Khruangbin cannot be understated. As a band infamous for blending global music influences, the clear level of expertise the band has brought to "feel good" is nothing short of pure brilliance. This collaboration signals a massive leap forward for Maribou State as an artist. By enveloping the sounds and influences of India, Asia, Australia, Morocco, and so much more, in addition to seeking out a collaborator well-versed in world music, Maribou State has delivered a new, rich chapter in world music.

Listen to "feel good" below and keep an eye out for Kingdoms In Colour due out September 7: