Our Favorite One-Man Band Masego Releases New Single, “Navajo”

Multi-instrumentalist and emerging hip-hop artist Masego released "Navajo" yesterday, further cultivating a loyal following with his unique take on hip-hop. Dubbed Traphousejazz, Masego uses complex looping techniques to incorporate energetic elements of trap combined with house and classic jazz in his live performance. Most notably, he plays saxophone, cello, trumpet, drums, guitar and piano; he is a 21st century one man band.

Influenced by artists like Ryan Leslie, Kendrick Lamar, and Childish Gambino, the new track features soothing church-choir harmonies combined with heavy vocal editing to create an instantly catchy beat. Masego's addition of light saxophone and a traditional drum set pay tribute to '90s R&B without being cliché. In "Navajo," Masego seems to sneak real instruments into a genre that is increasingly dominated by overproduction.

Lyrically, the new track centers around disappointment and false expectations. In an interview with Smoothie Tunes, Masego said he writes about "Girls, girls, girls. I have bad luck with them [laughs]. But it always makes a good story. I observe then vent in my music." He claims he first picked up saxophone to impress a girl, and this continues to be the subject of his current songs.

Stay tuned for more Masego, as his All Eyes On performance video will be unveiled early next week!