Matt Maeson Delivers Yet Another Beautifully Haunting Track With “The Mask”


Death has long existed as a central theme in the heart-rending works of rising crooner Matt Maeson. Perhaps it has something to do with how the Chesapeake Bay native has lived a life defined by life-affirming experiences, from performing at high-security prisons to falling into drugs and eventually jail. Whatever may have sparked Maeson's initial fascination with mortality, he continues to transform that morbid captivation into resoundingly stirring song.

"The Mask" and its accompanying live video session demonstrate Maeson's innate gift for portraying a wealth of emotion. In the official single, he grips with the pain of loss in anthemic nature, as a swelling production underscore a remarkably poignant confession. It feels at times properly grand and stadium-bound yet retains the touching sentimental charm of tangibly vulnerable songwriting. Despite its swelling instrumentation and production, "The Mask" is a sonic tale of stagnation. "I settled my grievance by crafting mask / And I never looked- / I will never grow," belts the empathic crooner. It is an expressed desire to harden oneself following pain, no matter what the cost.

The poignant sentiment arguably comes across even more so in the live video session, which is directed by Derec Dunn and sees Maeson taking the number to an underground armory in Brooklyn, NY. Armed with only his acoustic guitar and powerful vocal range, Maeson's "Six Feet Under Session" is nothing short of beautifully haunting. And despite being stripped-back and set in an empty, cavernous space, Maeson makes "The Mask" feel and sound expansive. While the character of "The Mask" may never grow, each and every new song of Maeson shows the empathic crooner moving ever-forward in his artistry.  

Watch the Six Feet Under video session for "The Mask" below:

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