Meet Cherub, Your Favorite Non-Married Couple of Electro-Pop


Photo: Ford Fairchild

Ones To Watch is hitting the road with Cherub this spring. The Nashville duo, known for their hooky electro-pop (literally and metaphorically meant for soundtracking the best moments of your life), take their fun very seriously and are ready to share that with the world. We spoke with the band before their tour starts: check out our Q&A below. 

How did you meet?

Jason: Jordan is from Nebraska and I'm from North Carolina, and we met when we were going to school at MTSU.  

What does Cherub sound like?

Jordan: Chocolate strawberries and vanilla smoothies.

What is the ideal situation for listening to Cherub?

Jordan: I'd want someone to hear our music for the first time right after they had their first girlfriend. Or after they got dumped. It's really emotional, and they'll want to listen to something that will touch them.

Jason: At one of our shows when they'd never heard of us before. That's personally my favorite way to find out about music. Being like, "What is this? This is great."

Who are your musical influences?

Jordan: I like all sorts of stuff. Between Meshuggah, Deathcab for Cutie, DJ Quik, Mariah Carey and all the artists that fit in the middle - that covers a pretty good span of what we listen to.

Jason:  We're huge fans of Prince and he's been a huge influence for us so much that we don't even want to say it.

What's the musical dynamic like?

Jason: Jordan and I compliment each other in that we're almost opposites in the group. Jordan is the songwriter driving force in studio. In the live realm, that's when everything gets turned over to me. Beyond the music, it's a yin-yang thing, we tend to balance each other pretty well.

What should one expect from a Cherub show?

Jordan: An amazing time, and a friend till the end.

Okay - but we're actually super stoked because we are bringing some good friends of ours - Carousel and ProbCause - for the majority of these dates and we're excited for everybody to see them. We're playing a lot of new music we haven't released yet, and the longest sets we've ever done, so I'm excited to see everyone's reaction really - it's gonna be a lot of fun.

What are your travel essentials?

Jordan: I can't travel without Jason. And those little toothpick things. I got my wisdom teeth taken out and I get food stuff in the gaps in my gums still.

Jason: My backpack. I can't decide what to take with me so I take too much stuff - that's why I bring it.

What's in it?

Two computers. I don't even want to tell people what's in it because then they'll want to take my backpack.

Okay, here's the common "pre-show rituals" question.

Both: Taking a nap

What's it like creating an electro-pop band in Nashville, the hub of country music?

Jordan: Nashville is starting to get recognition for different genres besides country and it's definitely really cool to be a part of all that and make our own sounds to share with people around the world.

Jason: And also to be surrounded by so many other motivated and awesome musicians and individuals is very inspiring for us.

Anything else you'd like to say to the world?

We love you! 

Tickets to the Ones To Watch with Skype Present Cherub: The Blow’d Tour go on-sale this Friday.