Meet Dominic Fike: The Artist Who Sparked a Label Bidding War Before Releasing His Debut EP


Dominic Fike is about to take over. Branded with the Apple logo where a teardrop would usually be inked, the Florida-bred artist exudes originality and boyish charisma. He recently signed to Columbia Records, without having any music out might we add, after an all out bidding war between labels. His highly anticipated debut EP, Don't Forget About Me, Demos, is finally here and it's an exclusive look into Fike's headspace as he comes into his own. He touches on the chase of relationships, his family dynamic and his dreams, tying it all together with his cheeky sense of humor and underdog mentality.

Don't Forget About Me, Demos begins with "3 Nights," a rhythmic sizzler with doo-wop claps and a classic chord progression. Fike explores the persistent pursuit of an unrequited love, singing, "You can call me names if you call me up."

"She Wants My Money" sits back hard, reclining into bedroom guitar strums before Fike hops on the track with a red hot series of falsetto notes. Velvety background vocals cushion his solo lines, accompanied by minimal instrumentals and sleepy drum hits.

The next track on the EP, "Babydoll," is more of an interlude at just under two minutes. Fike's impressive guitar chops share the spotlight with his emotive lyrics, detailing personal relationships and family history in the margins of the song. The next track, "Westcoast Collective" has a lot going on, from layered vocals to buzzingly energetic instrumentals. Possibly the hardest-hitting song on the project, it's packed full of emotion and features a wide range of vocal delivery.


"Socks" showcases Fike's scrappy sense of humor. Beginning with glittering, glitched out high notes, the first lyrics come in candidly, saying, "I can't keep track of all my socks." His ability to combine gut-wrenching realness with facetiously casual lines contributes to Fike's magnetic appeal.

"King of Everything" is the final track on the EP, and wraps up the project with grace. The intro takes its time, featuring rewound chords before shattering into a classic rock feel. He eases the listener into the verses with train-of-thought lyrics, once again scaling octaves as if speaking the notes. The chorus on this song is iconic, bringing with it a flood of nostalgia and complex emotions.

Just as die-hard Frank Ocean fans will never get over Channel Orange, Dominic Fike's legacy begins with this project. Don't Forget About Me, Demos may be his first release, but it will undoubtedly be revered throughout his career as the collection that started it all.