Meet Jamestown Revival, The New Butch Cassidy & Sundance Kid of Rock


Photo: Gia Hughes 

It's a Tuesday night in Hollywood at the Hotel Café.

"We've been best friends since we were 15, and we've been through a lot," Jamestown Revival’s Jonathan Clay tells the crowd, glancing over at his bandmate, Zach Chance.

From behind his keyboard, Chance, in a bright red onesie and sporting a glass of whiskey, chimes in. "You're my beeeest friend…" he sings. The audience titters as it has all night at his jokes, a string of half-baked zingers delivered with filter-less oomph by the lanky blonde.

It's clear this pair was born to soak in a room's spotlight.

Both are charismatic, yet not once on stage - while doling out southern-tinged indie rock - or in everyday conversation, does either step on the other's toes, or even give in to the semblance of unconsciously fighting for the spotlight. There exists a mutual respect between them that transcends being businessmen of sorts in a music business world: the two just have natural chemistry.

Since moving to Los Angeles from Austin, Texas three years ago, Jamestown Revival has seen both its genesis and exodus. Shortly after naming their band, the pair moved West, an experience that proved powerful enough to write an album about. That album is called Utah and it releases next month on February 11.

"You get to L.A. and the city is just overwhelming and you feel the sand on the beach and you're like, gosh what am I doing?" they joked. After soaking in California’s sanctified landscape, Jamestown Revival hits the road again, this time on a tour with The Wild Feathers.

We caught them shortly beforehand: watch our interview, where we discuss the making of Utah, and see an acoustic performance of "California (Cast Iron Soul)".