Meet Slow Hollows: Frank Ocean & Tyler, The Creator's Favored Indie-Rock Band [NEW ARTIST DISCOVERY]


LA-based indie rock dreamers Slow Hollows was born out of 20-year-old frontman Austin W. Anderson's (AKA Austin Feinstein) bedroom. Originally intended as a solo endeavor for the teenager, the project quickly transformed into a full-fledged band. The group's current lineup consists of Anderson (vocalist/guitarist), Aaron Jassenoff (bassist), Jackson Katz (drummer), and Daniel Fox (trumpeter). Slow Hollows' sonic tones fluctuate between post-punk, lo-fi indie, and dream-pop, but it's Anderson's fluent and passionate storytelling that encapsulates feelings and sentiments that are both universal and contemporary.

If comparisons need to be offered, Slow Hollows' style is akin to label mates Current Joys with minor touches of The National, Grizzly Bear, and Hippo Campus to follow across the board. However, this sun-soaked band is traveling down an alternative road with an entirely different spirit in tact. While their own sonic tendencies gaze toward a dreamy landscape, leader Austin Anderson has contributed his skillset to some big players in music. He's offered his guitar talents to Tyler, the Creator on both Flower Boy and Cherry Bomb, as well as worked with Frank Ocean on Blonde. When you have artists like this bringing you in to collaborate, you know you're doing something right at this point in your career.

Over the last few years, Anderson has been releasing music under his Slow Hollows moniker. His first collection of songs was released on Bandcamp under the name, I’m Just As Bad As You Are. But it was 2015's Atelophobia via Danger Collective Records that felt like a proper debut album. Expansive and scrappy, Atelophobia was the perfect demonstration of Anderson looking inward to express his artistic angst, poetic inclinations, and lovelorn notions. With tracks like "Dark Comedy," "All the Time," "Condition," and "Nerves" exhibiting the band's creative prowess, this early idea of Slow Hollows being something very special was clearly solidified.

Performing with raw energy and touching upon '90s indie rock (likes of Pavement and Beck), Slow Hollows was making darkly beautiful music all before the age of adulthood. The year after releasing Atelophobia, the west coast guys got Romantic on their next album. Romantic is a nine-song collection brimming with that same youthful exuberance as its predecessor, but feeling more mature and more grounded. Slow Hollows created a sweeping, cohesive record diving into Anderson's musings, pathos, and reveries. The album, however, didn't feel crestfallen by any measure. It's spacious and enthralling, but graceful in its delivery. Highlights included "Easy," "Softer," and "Last Dance." With Romantic, Anderson and company create a wistful universe to step into with each and every sonic cadence guiding you to your own light. Often lyrically reflective, Slow Hollows' music feels in the moment, something you can actually hold onto in your present state of living.

In the spring of 2018, the band released a stunning single titled, "Lessons For Later." Expected to be on the band's next LP, it's arguably their strongest track to date. The deeply textured tune swims through unruffled tides with trilling vocals, twinkling guitars, and placid drumbeats. Anderson has never sounded so good and reassuring as he does here. "Lessons For Later" is pure cathartic from beginning to end, flourishing with every musical fiber it provides for our listening ears. It's a spiritually awakening powerhouse and feels remarkably timeless as well. The song caught the attention of BROCKHAMPTON’s Kevin Abstract, who took on the directing reigns for the single's music video.

In July 2018, Slow Hollows released another single, the melancholic-driven "Selling Flowers." Featuring the lyrics, "Living on past hope / And bitter halftones, now drift away / Sell flowers in the rain / You’re wanted home," Anderson creates a vivid setting to imagine – something he's done so effectively time and time again. With "Selling Flowers," the band expands their sonic qualities, removing themselves from the earlier days of jangly guitars to a synth-laden resonance eliciting ethereal, woozy, and atmospheric echoes.  

It's becoming clear that Slow Hollows have become perfectionists of dreamy indie rock by taking its listeners out of the slumps and into a place of full enlightenment and realization. This deeper understanding of who you are must still from come within, but the gorgeous sounds and profound words by Slow Hollows make the journey a more beautiful one than it already has the potential of being.

The band's much-anticipated album, Actors, will be released in the near future. In the meantime, they have been playing new cuts from the record on their recent fall tour. Slow Hollows will be performing at this year's Camp Flog Gnaw Carnival with his friends Tyler, the Creator and BROCKHAMTON as well as many other Ones To Watch favorites.