Meet The Fresh Somber Pastel Pop Artist: Liyv

The time is now to stumble upon the pastel pop queen Liyv. The emerging 19-year-old artist Olivia Holman, aka Liyv, has surfaced from Seattle, WA. She conveys that her songs are created for the likes of "sad people who love bright colors." 

Liyv's tunes are both peaceful and hypnotic and fit into the fold of transitioning seasons and shifts in weather. Her lyrics beautifully incorporate themes of how love can shift, sway, and change. Her recent single, "Little Fox" instantly caught my attention. The lyrics are relatable to a beat much like the musical styles of Kiiara and Låpsley. 

Listen to a preview of Liyv below, and be sure to keep her on your radar for the rainy Sundays and chilly autumn evenings to come.